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Fall in Love … With New Bedding!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall is in the air and now is the time to think about changing out your bed for winter. Here is the low down on how to stay snug….

Down comforters are the classic way to stay cozy through the fall and winter. Down is the warmest and softest type of comforter that you can get, plus it’s 100% natural. Down comforters come in a variety of weights depending on how warm you want to be. Down Alternative comforters are another way to stay warm. They use synthetic fills to emulate the insulation power of down. People who have allergies often go with these types of comforters since they are naturally hypo-allergenic.  Down and down alternative comforters often come in white; an excellent way to dress them up is with a duvet cover.  A duvet covers your comforter and protects it from daily use as well as adding some fashion to your room.  They are also a great way to change your look without changing your comforter. 

For sheets, long gone are the days where flannel was the only option. Flannel sheets are still the classic options since they are warm and comfy as well as durable.  Fleece sheets are great for maximum warmth. They are made out of synthetic materials and are hypo-allergenic. For those who need just a little extra warmth, check out our cold weather microfiber performance sheets.   These sheets are made out of durable but soft microfiber material that has been given a brushed treatment.  This gives the sheets an extra soft texture and allows them to keep in the warmth better than a standard microfiber sheet.  Check out our great assortment of cold weather sheets now!

Another option to keep you warm this winter is heated bedding. Choose from electric blankets with dual controls, throws, and mattress pads.  All are heated to keep you cozy and comfortable this upcoming winter season.


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