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Our Chat with Andrea Sanderlin, Ruff Hewn Design Director

Monday, March 18, 2013

What inspired you to become a fashion designer? 

Ever since I was a little girl I've loved clothes, fabrics, drawing and color. I used to make clothes for all my dolls.

Describe a “day-in-the life” of our fashion designer. There is no normal day in the world of fashion design. Every day is different. One day I'm shopping in Belgium, the next I'm picking out fabrics in Hong Kong and the next I'm merchandising outfits for the buyers.

Do you have a favorite fashion designer or line?
Of course, it's Ruff Hewn!

How would you describe the RUFF HEWN brand? 
Ruff Hewn is a trend-conscious, vintage-inspired, casual denim line. Each exclusive Ruff Hewn garment is made with special attention to fabric, detail, trim and wash; it’s this attention to detail that sets it apart and makes it uniquely yours. Distressed cottons, comfortable fashionable fabrics, rustic trims and vintage details are the cornerstone design elements for Ruff Hewn.

CONFESS: What is your favorite piece in this season’s collection?
It's hard to pick just one! I love the tie-dye maxi dress. It's so versatile. You can just throw on with sandals for a BBQ or dress it up with a jacket for work.

What was the inspiration for the Ruff Hewn spring collection?
Our team was most inspired by patterns and hand techniques from India. The line is full of hand-done tie-dyes, batiks and colors inspired by this exotic country.

What are the hottest trends for spring?
Jackets, studs, tie-dye and athletic details. Athletic is really fun. We're taking silhouettes and details inspired by the gym and adapting them to ready-to-wear. You'll notice sweatshirt shapes, drawstrings, tortilla chip stitches and hoods thoroughout the line.

If a woman was to purchase just one new fashion item for spring, what should it be?
 Now, that's just not fair! It's all so tempting! Is it the studded denim jacket or the tie-dye dress? If you wear them as an outfit, do they count as one?

What are your top three fashion dos and don’ts?
DO: Tight-roll your jeans and sleeve cuffs. Do: Layers! A cami with a sweatshirt under a jacket is fun! Do: Wear a skinny jean!  Don’t: Tuck in your shirt. Wear high heels with jeans. Mix too many patterns.

Can you give any hints about what we can expect for the fall collection?
Spoiler alert:  We are doing gorgeous knit blazers for fall in nep fabrics. They are so comfortable and gorgeous!  I want to live in them.

Any advice for aspiring designers?
If you want to eat, sleep and live fashion then definitely go for it! You must be an excellent sketcher and fast thinker. Drown yourself in magazines and touch every fabric. Live fashion!

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