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Leather Basics 101

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ever want to have a leather sofa in your home but were too afraid? We're here to tell you that leather is for everyone.  Leather can be an excellent choice for families with children or pets. You just have to pick the right leather for your home.  Protected leathers offer stain resistance and easy cleanability. Unlike fabric, leather will not fray.

Common leather questions:

Q: Is leather really stronger than fabric?
A: Yes. Top grain leather is more difficult to puncture with a pen than fabric.

Q: Why does leather sometimes feel cold?
A; Leather will adapt to the temperature of the environment. If the temperature inside your home is 72 degrees, your leather sofa will also be 72 degrees. Since normal body temperature is 98.6, (insert degree symbol) it feels cool to the touch when you first sit down. It will adjust to your body temperature as you sit on it.

Q: Does a higher-grade leather mean it is better or more durable?
A: No. In fact, generally higher-grade leathers are more difficult to care for. A leather's type and grade are not synonymous.  Grade simply tells you how much it costs.

Visit any Furniture Gallery and let us help you find the perfect leather for your home.


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