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Fiestaware Inspired

Friday, August 10, 2012

Fiesta® Dinnerware is one of those most chosen for casual dinnerware by our brides.  Not surprisingly, its colorful appeal, mix-and-match versatility and durability make Fiesta® Dinnerware perfect everyday.  Today I thought it would be fun to let Fiesta® Dinnerware inspire some unique wedding day accents.  Enjoy!  
marigold bouquet image found via
Marigold - Obviously inspired by the flower… Consider adding a few marigolds to brighten up your bouquet or your maid's bouquets.  

peacock feather heels image found via
Peacock - Symbolically the peacock stands for renewal... A seemingly fitting statement to tie into your wedding day where you will start fresh and begin your new life together as a married couple.  

shamrock boutonniere image found via
Shamrock - Not only is green thought to bring balance and well-being, but shamrocks are said to bring a bit of luck too!  Consider incorporating these lucky charms into your favors or the guy's boutonnieres.  

ivory wedding cake image found via

Ivory - A romantic, traditional wedding day color, perfect for gracing an elegant wedding cake.  

tablescape image found via

Flamingo - A relatively new color to the wedding scene, flamingo is a bright and vibrant shade of pink perfect for conveying a tropical, fun vibe when incorporated into your wedding decor.


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