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Registry Must-Have: Cutlery Sets

Friday, February 15, 2013

A sharp knife is the key to making your kitchen prep work quick and easy.  Not all knives are created equal; each is designed for a specific task. Investing in a quality set of knives now and, with proper care, your knives will last a lifetime. Here is a breakdown of what knife to reach for when:
  • Chef's Knife - Also called a French knife. This knife has a long, wide blade making it ideal for chopping and mincing. The point of the knife rises off the cutting surface, allowing you to use a rocking motion as you cut. This will be the knife that you reach for most often, as it is perfect for all sorts of dicing and slicing tasks.  
  • Paring Knife - A small knife, generally 3-5 inches long, with a straight, sharp blade. This knife is designed for peeling or cutting food into small pieces.  
  • Bread Knife - This knife has a very long, straight blade with a serrated edge making it perfect for slicing bread, splitting buns or cutting up large tomatoes. 
  • Steak Knife - This knife is used at dinner table and is used for cutting main entrees such as steak, chicken or pork chops.
  • Tomato Knife - The junior cousin to the bread knife, the tomato knife also has a serrated edge that is used to cut smaller foods that have a tough exterior and a soft interior, like tomatoes or pears.  
  • Utility Knife - A small, lightweight knife used for miscellaneous cutting tasks.


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